CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd. (“CITIC PE”) is one of the leading alternative asset management companies in China. CITIC PE was founded in June 2008, following approval by the National Development and Reform Commission of China. CITIC PE adhere to a strategic vision of “becoming one of the most trustworthy world-class fund management partners”, and is committed to identifying and improving the value of portfolio companies and achieving multi-win of cooperation through in-depth industry research, precise investment decisions, efficient operation management, professional value creation services, and sustained consolidations through mergers and acquisitions. As of the end of 2015, CITIC PE has invested in over 80 portfolio companies, with more than 30 of these companies going public in onshore or offshore markets. With an AUM of nearly RMB80 billion in six funds and strong support from more than 100 local and international premium investors, CITIC PE has grown into one of the leading alternative asset management companies in China.

SUS Environment

Founded in 2008, SUS Environment is a leading player in China's environmental protection industry and provides one-stop integrated environmental solution. Leveraging advanced technologies and talent, the Company has focused on and accumulated track records in investing, constructing and operating sanitation & waste-to-energy facilities; and on providing integrated solutions to ecological remediation of contaminated site. Central to the SUS Environment Solution is its patented, proven and award-winning resource recovery technologies. Our projects are designed to meet the rigorous goals established by Chinese and European regulators for greenhouse gas reduction, increased recycling, and landfill minimization. Our extensive operating experience demonstrates our ability to meet these goals while improving the environment in the communities we serve. We have been recognized by our clients as a leader in improving operating performance and plant efficiencies while protecting the environment.

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    CITIC PE has invested in over 100 portfolio companies

    more than 30 companies going public in onshore or offshore markets

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    AUM of RMB nearly 100 Billion

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    SUS has provided incineration equipment to more than 90 WTE plants

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    Daily treatment capacity over 25,000 tons

    10+ invested WtE plants

    Company qualification