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Environmental Protection

  Shougang earnestly carried out the government's requirements for safety and environmental protection, the spirit of the “two sessions” of the Group Company, made every effort to promote the green action plan and make major breakthroughs, completed the application work for pollutant discharge permits of iron and steel enterprises in an all-round way, and satisfactorily completed the task of environmental quality assurance.

With the convening of the National Conference on Eco-environmental Protection in 2018, the central and local policy documents on pollution prevention and control have been issued one after another, with unprecedented density, high level, strict standards and tight time limit. The CPC Central Committee for Environmental Protection Supervision “looked back” and the strengthening of inspections in key areas of the Blue Sky Defense War from 2018 to 2019 continued to advance. In the face of the severe situation, Shougang actively responded to the situation and actively improved the green action plan, so as to promote the implementation progress in an all-out spirit. A total of 107 emission control projects were completed throughout the year, with an investment of 2.64 billion yuan. Shougang quickly responded to the new requirements of ultra-low emission in Tangshan iron and steel industry, strengthened the process control of project design and construction organization, completed 50 environmental protection projects, and took the lead in achieving ultra-low emissions. Changzhi Steel & Iron overcame the shortage of funds and the space constraints of the old plant area, carried out the bidding reform step by step, sped up the completion of hardware weakness, completed 13 environmental protection projects, and strived to be the leader of green development.

We have successfully completed the task of environmental quality assurance and won the Blue Sky Defense War. According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, Tangshan City started 86 emergency responses (18 orange and above warnings) with a cumulative production limit of 6,082 hours and Beijing started 8 yellow and above warnings with a cumulative cold rolling production limit of 535 hours. Shougang's units adhered to the strict requirements of high standards, took the initiative to dock with the national and local comprehensive air pollution control program, and fully implemented the national “two sessions”, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Beijing Summit and other important activities and emission reduction measures during heavily polluted weather.

In the performance evaluation of pollutant emission from differentiated production in Tangshan City in autumn and winter of 2018-2019, Shougang Qian’an Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was rated as the only A-type iron and steel enterprise. Jingtang was awarded the third batch of green factory titles by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; cold rolling was awarded the title of Beijing green factory;BWI was awarded the title of the capital advanced environmental protection collective, which further enhanced the green development image of Shougang.

The Group Company won the Excellent Organizational Award for the “Safety Production Month” in Beijing in 2018. Biomass Energy and BWI were rated as demonstration enterprises of safety culture construction in Beijing.

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, and Shougang will also usher in 100th anniversary of its factories. Beijing will also host Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, International Horticultural Exposition and other major activities. The Beijing Industrial Park of Shougang will also hold a number of important activities. What’s more, the related work process of Beijing Park of Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has attracted worldwide attention. The general idea of Shougang’s safety and environmental protection work is to: guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly establish the concept of safe development and green development, strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprise’s safety and environmental protection, constantly improve the management level of “fine, detailed and practical” safety and environmental protection, comprehensively promote the construction of double prevention mechanism of graded management and control of safety risks and investigation and management of hidden dangers, implement the green action plan, resolutely fight for pollution prevention and control, and strive to be a model for safety development and a leader in green development.


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