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Two of Shougang’s Technological Achievements Win Outstanding Achievement Award for National Workers’ Technological Innovation

Release Time:2022-04-13 09:31:17

Recently, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the Decision on Announcing Outstanding Achievements of Sixth National Workers’ Excellent Technological Innovation Achievements Exchange, which commended 100 outstanding achievements. Among them, “Research and Application of Ultra-Low Same-plate Difference Control Technology for High-grade Non-oriented Silicon Steel” by Li Chunyuan et al. and “Research on Local Repair Technology for Burners of Large Blast Furnace Internal Combustion Stoves” by Yang Xiaoting et al. from Beijing Shougang won the Outstanding Achievement Award.

“Research and Application of Ultra-low Same-plate Difference Control Technology for High-grade Non-oriented Silicon Steel” developed a series of technical methods that take into account wedge shape, section profile, small convexity and plate shape, and combine with the technological innovation of downstream silicon steel 20-high roll mill shape, etc. The same-plate difference control of products has reached the international advanced level, laying a solid and reliable foundation for improving the market competitiveness of Shougang’s high-grade non-oriented silicon steel, generating annual economic benefits of RMB 17 million and providing a strong guarantee for the development and implementation of national high-end projects.

“Research on Local Repair Technology for Burners of Large Blast Furnace Internal Combustion Stoves” is the first technical solution for local integral casting in the industry. It was proposed by Beijing Shougang after overcoming such difficulties as a lack of data, including foreign partial brick drawings and the repair cycle of imported bricks. This solution fills in the gaps of local repair technology for burners at home and abroad. In repairing the burners of Blast Furnace No. 3 and Hot Blast Furnace No. 2, a series of innovative integrated technologies were used to restore the original sizes and functions of the burners, greatly shortening the repair cycle, allowing the improvement of the furnaces’ blast temperature in a short time and creating direct economic benefits of RMB 41.532 million.

The Sixth National Workers’ Outstanding Technological Innovation Achievements Exchange aims to thoroughly implement the Reform Plan for the Construction of Industrial Workers in the New Era, deepen mass technological innovation activities, further stimulate the enthusiasm of workers to learn new knowledge, master new skills and create new technologies, build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce, and unite and mobilize hundreds of millions of workers to play a leading role in accelerating the construction of an innovation-oriented country.

In recent years, the Shougang Group Trade Union has attached great importance to workers’ innovation activities; actively set up workers’ innovation platforms; created an atmosphere for workers’ innovation; held workshops on workers’ innovation studios; boosted the development of workers’ innovation studios, innovation projects, invention patents, guidance for apprentices by famous teachers, experts’ visits to studios, and professional development activities for workers; organized workers to participate in such activities as the National Invention Exhibition, National Workers’ Innovation Festival of the Iron and Steel Industry, National Workers’ Innovation Achievement Exhibition of the Machinery, Metallurgy and Building Materials Industry, and Workers’ Innovation Exchange of Beijing; and motivated workers to enhance their awareness of innovation, develop innovative thinking, stimulate innovative talents and innovate in practice, striving to build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce to promote the high-quality development of Shougang.

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