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Shougang City Transportation’s Stereo Garage Obtains Beijing New Technology and New Product Certificate

Release Time:2022-04-21 08:45:45

A few days ago, in the List of the 16th Batch of New Technology and New Products (Services) in Beijing published on the website of the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Shougang City Transportation’s Plane Mobile Bus Machinery Stereo Garages (PPY/GJ 3-storey and PPY/TGGJ 5-storey) were successfully selected, and obtained the “Beijing New Technology and New Product (Service) Certificate”.

Being selected this time marks that Shougang City Transportation’s Plane Mobile Bus Machinery Stereo Garage products have entered the Procurement List of the Beijing Municipal Government, and can enjoy the support of policies such as government procurement, popularization and application, providing strong support for future market promotion in the field of bus stations. The highly itative “Beijing New Technology and New Product (Service) Certificate” is jointly reviewed, evaluated, recognized and issued by the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Administrative Commission of Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information, Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Administration.

In the past two years, Shougang City Transportation has continuously improved and upgraded its bus stereo garage products. It has accumulated rich experience, formed large numbers of technical reserves and become the leader of the product end of bus stereo garages. At the beginning of 2022, Shougang City Transportation’s “Design of Intelligent Carrier for Coach” stood out in the Second National Machinery Industry Design Innovation Competition and won the Bronze Award while competing with many famous enterprises and universities in China. In 2022, the company will continue to complete the trial production of bus products and key components, such as the third generation of onboard sweeping boards, carriers and lift cars, in order to meet the conditions for projects being implemented and being put into use. In addition, the company will select the R&D direction of the fourth-generation machines, and promote its bus products make breakthroughs and lead the field of intelligent parking.

According to the relevant information, the main conditions for the selection of new technologies and products are that they belong to the fields of strategic emerging industries and the modern service industry that Beijing is focusing on developing, meet the requirements of building a “high-grade, precise and advanced” economic structure, and possess advanced and innovative technology, and independent intellectual property rights. With mature technology and reliable quality, these products meet the relevant regulations and special requirements of China and Beijing on the production and sales of products (services), and their production process meets the technical standards for energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, the products have high potential for economic benefits and great market prospects.

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