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Located next to the Yongding River, and backed by Shijingshan, “the New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park (hereinafter referred to as “Shougang Park”) is the only concentrated area to be developed in six districts of Beijing. It is the western starting point of the golden axis of Chang’an Avenue in Beijing, an important part of the Yongding River Cultural Belt in the Xishan Mountains of Beijing, and an important regional functional node of the new edition of Beijing Urban General Plan. Shougang Park has unique advantages in geographical location, spatial resources, history, culture and ecological environment, and is an important support for the implementation of the capital’s functional positioning.

The park boasts well-developed and convenient traffic. It is connected to the Beijing Urban Expressway system via Fushi Road and Lianshi Road through the 5th and the 6th Ring Roads, and Metro Line S1 runs through Shougang Park, and will be closely linked with Beijing central urban area through the planned M11, R1 and M3 Lines. In 2019, the west extension line of Chang’an Avenue will be officially opened through the park, which will be divided into two areas, north and south.

In November 2017, the “Detailed Planning of North Zone of New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park (North Zone of Shougang Park) was formally approved by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources”. Five major areas are planned to be built, namely the Winter Olympics Square, Shijingshan Landscape Park, Industrial Heritage Park, public service supporting area, and urban reconstructed innovation works. The planning has reached the advanced international level and successfully won the “International Excellent Planning Award in 2017” of the British Royal Town Planning Institute, the “2017 Green Greenbuild Leadership Award” at the International Green Building Conference, the “2017 China Habitat Environment Award” of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the First Prize of the National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award in 2017 (Urban Planning) and the International Urban and Regional Planning Award in 2018. At present, the Beijing Park has been included in the first batch of national pilot projects of old industrial zones in urban areas, pilot areas of comprehensive reform of national service industry, national sustainable development pilot area, Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area, national intelligent city pilot area, and Beijing Green Ecology Demonstration Area, becoming the first C40 positive climate model area in China. IOC President Bach praised Shougang Park as an “amazing” example of urban planning and renewal.

In terms of space construction, key venues and facilities such as Winter Olympics Office Area, Winter Training Center, and Shougang workers’ dormitory, have been put into use at a high standard; Shougang Ski Jumping Platform has begun construction; the ecological environment has been significantly improved; Xiuchi District of the three blast furnaces has beautiful scenery, and Shijingshan Landscape Park blends with the Yongding River landscape; the first-level land development in the southeast has been steadily promoted.

In terms of investment promotion and operation, the Summary Meeting of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 China-Finland Winter Sports Year, the Reception of Foreign Envoys in China by the Beijing Municipal Government, the 7th China Dance Festival, the launch conference of Mercedes-Benz cars and other important activities were successfully completed. Initial results have been achieved in attracting investment, and urban science and technology services have injected vitality into the transformation and upgrading of old industrial zones. Starbucks and IHG have entered the park. Shougang Park built the first 5G demonstration park with Unicom and built the AI Innovation and Application Industrial Park with Zhongguancun. It successfully hosted the 2018 China Figure Skating Club League Final, the National Curling Training Team Preliminary Competition, the Beijing First Winter Games and other events.

On August 25, 2018, Beijing leaders made a survey on the planning and construction of the new Shougang area. They pointed out that Shougang had the best conditions to base on itself to realize the urban renewal, and put forward the specific requirements of “four revitalizations”. On September 28, 2018, at the Beijing Municipal Master Planning Implementation Mobilization and Deployment Conference, Secretary Cai Qi further pointed out that “the Shougang area should become a landmark for urban renewal” clearly. On December 27, 2018, Beijing City issued the Action Plan for Accelerating the Development and Construction of New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park and Creating New Landmark for Capital City Renaissance in the New Era (2019-2021). On February 1, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the Shougang Park, pointing out the direction for the development and construction of the Shougang Park. Shougang Park is building a new generation of high-end industrial park with distinctive characteristics of cross-border integration and innovation in accordance with the functional orientation given by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government and the development requirements of Beijing’s overall planning for the western part of the city, and creating a “new landmark of urban renewal” with international influence. In terms of industrial planning, following the orientation of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of the Shougang Park as “ a demonstration zone of green transformation and upgrading of traditional industry, innovation highland of high-end industry in Western Beijing and creative base of post-industrial culture and sports”, three leading industries, namely sports , digital intelligence and cultural creativity, three industrial ecologies, namely consumption upgrading, intelligent scene, green financial service, and the Shougang International Talent Society will be planned and constructed, forming the industrial system of “three industries, three ecologies and one society”.

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