Ningbo Yingzhou

Attractive Architecture and Environmentally FriendlyTechnology

Ningbo is a sub-provincial city in northeast Zhejiangprovince in China. Its port, spread across severallocations, is among the busiest in the world.Ningbo Yinzhou Eco-Industrial Park includes awaste incineration power plant (3×750 t/d), landfills,kitchen waste treatment plant, construction wastetreatment plant, leachate treatment plant, etc. Thewaste incineration plant was granted by the Ministryof Finance as a public-private-partnership (PPP)pilot project (the 2nd batch, September 2015).

Flue gas cleaning process: SNCR + Semi-dry Deacidification + Dry Deacidification +Activated Charcoal Jet + Fabric Filter + SCR + Wet Scrubber + GGH.
Reliable removal of contaminants and low emission are essential.

Built using the latest technology, the plant becomesa new landmark of modern waste incineration plant.